Cruising on a Sunday afternoon

Seb is leaving for Greece today. He has a short term contract to move a vessel from Greece to the UK. He’s had a tough time since Covid struck. Having studied at University for 4 years and worked hard to obtain his Officer of the Watch Unlimited ticket, he secured a prized role as a Navigation Officer for a cruise line. But he now finds himself out of work with no further cruises scheduled until potentially 2021. He’s taken the decision to leave the cruise industry and look for other work as he couldn’t wait indefinitely for cruises to start again. There are no permanent jobs available so he’s picking up contract work here and there.

Covid has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Even going out on the bike yesterday reminded me that my life has become very insular, only leaving the bay if I need to. Before, we travelled every weekend around Devon, hiking, eating out and enjoying all that the south west of England has to offer.

I hopped on the back of Seb’s bike yesterday for a ride to Slapton Sands via Dartmouth. When Seb announced he was taking his motorbike test, I can’t say I was thrilled, and when he went on to buy a motorbike, even less so. But we can’t stop fulfilling our dreams by not doing fun stuff just because of the negative outcomes we create in our imagination. Of course owning a motorbike is risky, but so is; horse riding, surfing, diving, climbing, cycling, running and so on. Let’s be honest, you can die walking along the side of the road or crossing the street. I cannot live a life of fear, we must enjoy each day to the max and do the things which make us happy to create lifelong memories.

I had a Vespa in Portugal (swipe left) which brought me great joy. Even though I got knocked off it and was left in the middle of the road with my dress around my neck, I enjoyed every minute…well except that one maybe!

Fear is so powerful, but doing things which scare us reminds us we are alive. Is there something you would love to do or try but you are too scared?

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