Almost at 25k followers!

Welcome to all my new followers! I may even hit 25k by my birthday – how exciting would that be?!?! When I started this account, I figured that I’d be sat here posting on my own and soon give up hope of inspiring anyone to embrace aging positively.

I know I need to thank 2 people for a boost in followers over the past couple of weeks, as Instagram still keeps me hard to find. Firstly @thesilverlining_70 who shared my profile to her followers, as she suggested following me as an inspirational ageing woman. …how chuffed was I? Her posts are creative and colourful and she is beautiful. If you are not following her head over to her account and check out her hair as she transitions to silver!

Secondly, @isthistooyoungforme who gave me a shout out yesterday. She is full of energy, fashionable and fun. Her IGTVs give you a glimpse into her life, she uses them as a daily escape – her ‘me time’. She always looks effortlessly stylish. I wish I had an ounce of her style. Check her out, it’s better than TV!

I bumped into @tallywhitecrafts on the beach yesterday, which was so lovely. Her whole family were busy scavenging for seaglass on the receding tide for her jewellery business. Check out her giveaway ending tomorrow for these stunning seaglass earrings. Handmade in silver in her workshop just around the corner from me.
My day didn’t go to plan yesterday. Seb and I headed out for some quality time together but we hadn’t been in his van for 2 minutes before we had a collision. We are both fine but it kinda (almost!) ruined the day. It’s nothing that a new door and some paint won’t fix. All the fun of living in a small town with even smaller roads.

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