A tumble and a hangover

I haven’t been active on here much the past couple of days as there’s been so much going on. After I launched my T shirts on Saturday, I headed off for a hike to catch my breath as I was so excited. SO EXCITED I could hardly breathe – such a nice feeling but I needed to take some downtime to calm my brain.

On my way back down a steep, slippery muddy hill (you know where this story is going!) I heard Bird and Ginger bursting through the undergrowth downhill at full speed towards me. In the millisecond before impact I braced myself for a tumble down the hill. They struck me at maximum canine speed and I immediately crashed down the hill, bumping and bruising my way into a nice collection of thorny bramble bushes. Why they do this I will never know, they don’t run into trees !!….? I was completely winded and thought I may have broken my wrist or damaged my back. Once the birds stopped flying around my head Disney style, I hauled myself home to survey the damage to my clothes and body. All repairable I am happy to say.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Jean-Luc. He is such a bad influence (he would say the same about me!). We started with a gin and tonic, then onto what seemed like a jug of Aperol Spritz and then red wine. I needed a snooze, so curled up on his sofa, still wearing my apron from cooking lunch. Later we played golf…well we attempted to, it was very comical as I have zero golfing skills.

I have a very sore eye today, so I’ve tried to disguise it with a splash of pink and blue eyeshadow for this pic. I know it’s from a severe lack of sleep (snoring husband!). Does anyone have a good home remedy for sore eyes – or a snoring husband?

Blazer – past season: @massimodutti
Tee shirt: ‘Marble Lipstick Kiss’ from my online store https://fiftysister.teemill.com/product/marbled-lipstick-kiss-multi-pink-blue-green/

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