A return ticket to peace and tranqulity

I’m a little bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t take action to restore some peace and tranquility in my life before now. The constant notifications on my phone and laptop, from so many applications and platforms, were gradually making me more and more agitated.

I took some time this morning to remove the ability for anyone and everyone to reply to my posts on my blog, as sadly, I was being inundated with spambots replying to posts. I needed to edit every post I’d ever written, plus delete the 5000 or so spam responses. I should have done this a long time ago. I had been deleting the odd one here and there, but it needed a focused effort to stop the issue once and for all.

Then I set about unsubscribing from email newsletters and marketing offers from anyone I’d ever signed up with. Before undertaking this mammoth task, I’d been averaging 30 emails per hour. In the last hour it’s down to just one – which I can easily cope with. I was drowning under the weight of emails and messages, and now I feel like I’ve won a ticket to some (very much needed) peace and tranquility.

I was a little punch drunk with the notifications. I had stopped listening to them and they had become a constant background noise. Sadly, when I did receive an important or worthwhile message, it sat with the pile of unwanted junk.

Seb made an excellent point last night. I sent him a link to my YouTube video, asking him for some feedback. His first comment was ‘AT LAST!!!’ – he’s been telling me to switch to YouTube for a while as he knows that I’ve been struggling to find the time to manage Instagram. He went on to say, that Instagram is like a pop up art gallery. You can only view the content for the day, and then it becomes obsolete and invisible. I may as well be painting over all my work and starting again. YouTube however, is like a gallery. You can wander around the content creation, because all of it stays active and relevant. He’s a smart guy. I should listen to him more.

I plan to post at least one video on YouTube per week, and then one photo on Instagram with just hashtags and maybe a brief comment. I was using Insta for more than it was designed for – I was making work for myself. My blog and general chatter will continue here.

Thank you for staying with me, I hope you enjoy following my house build which should start next month – I AM EXCITED!!!

I hope you have a beautiful day.

Gail xxx

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