I refuse

“I refuse to acknowledge, accept or contribute to, the manufactured concept, that ageing is bad and beauty is defined by youth”.

accept The global anti-aging cosmetics market Size was valued at USD 38.62 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 60.26 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.8% – Fortune Business Insights.

We are the target market and demographic for these companies.

We need to change the game.

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What if I’m already fucking fabulous?

What if I’m already f*cking fabulous?

What if you wore that off the shoulder dress, which shows off your ageing arms.
What if you put on those cute shorts, which expose your stretch marks and thread veins (but stop your inner thighs from rubbing)?
What if you wore that bikini which makes you feel f*cking fabulous?
What if you let your hair grow long, wore braids and set your sparkles free?
What if you said ‘yes’ to everything you do want, and ‘no’ a little more often?
What if you let go of all the things you don’t need, so you could spend time and money doing the things you love?

We drown ourselves with expensive soulless possessions, but give no value or time to our health.
We treat our cars better than we treat our bodies.
What if we cared more about the person, and less about their/our looks?
What if you could free yourself from others expectations, and do everything you ever dreamed of?
What if you cared for your body as much as you should?
What if you loved your body like no one else can?
Don’t drag yourself down to fulfil others expectations.
Why follow the rules set by others?
And what if I told you there are no rules?

What if you are already f*cking fabulous?

What if?

Inspired to write this by @carlyfindlay – she wears what she wants because – it makes her feel ‘f*cking fabulous’.

Photo: iPhone 12Pro portrait mode. Natural morning sun.

Makeup: bronzer, grey brow pencil, mascara, lipgloss and a little highlighter.

Bikini @decathlon_faro

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It doesn’t matter what you see.

I’ve come over all arty today. I love being creative and inspiring women (and men) to embrace and enjoy ageing.

It doesn’t matter waht you see, it only matters how I feel. And I feel, grateful, happy and very alive.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback for my latest IGTV. Maybe it will become a regular thing!

I hope you’re having a beautiful day.