Venics Organic Highlighter


Cruelty free, organic highlighter from Venics Organic

*USE CODE fiftysister for 15% off. Venics organic asked me to make a short video for the application of their highlighter. It is paid content which they will use on their social media. But I am completely in love with the 3 shades they sent to me and have now switched from my usual product to their highlighter. It’s very subtle and bounces light perfectly for photos. I’ve been using it for about a month and have noticed a difference in my photos. Cruelty free organic cosmetics, look the same (or better!) without the pain.

Paid content @venicsorganic

All night long


Just chilling with Ginger late last evening before an (almost) all night rework of my T shirt store. I’ve received so many orders from all over the world!!! I’ve been completely overwhelmed with all of your love and support for my project – thank you!

Swipe left for some of my new designs which are hot off the press today.
I’ve also added baseball shirts for everyone who asked for a longer sleeve T to cover up the troublesome ‘bingo wing’. I have the same issue so I’m super excited to order some for myself.

I’ve been asked for larger women’s sizes but currently the supplier doesn’t provide the full range of sizes in the women’s range. I hope to be able to offer sizes to fit everyone in the future… it’s on my ‘todo’ list. Apologies to all those who have asked.
Gail x ?
FiftySister Tee shirt store:
Shirt & headscarf @endelea_official
Lipstick @tucheir
Foundation/blusher/bronzer @thrivecausmetics
Highlighter @venicsorganic

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Off on safari


Well what a difference a good and long night of sleep can make. I feel like a new woman, and my husband says he does too!

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to @endelea_official for this stunning shirt/jacket with matching headscarf. I don’t usually wear brown at all but I love this beautiful and leafy African print with my hair up and subtle makeup. They have so many stunning designs, go check them out and give them a follow. There is a completely perfect yellow and blue fabric which is on my shopping list. The pieces are designed in Italy and ethically made in Tanzania. Such happy and colourful prints!

Now for my eye! Thank you for all your suggestions regarding my eye. I used some @justice.skincare sweet almond oil and rosehip oil serum to remove my eye makeup and moisterise around my eye, then applied the tree and grapefruit face cream to give my face a little treat. I have very sensitive skin, so was very happy to find @justice.skincare products.
Wiktoria started Justice Skincare after she began making skincare for herself, as she has always struggled with acne, pigmentation and scarring. After trying nearly every drugstore and some expensive brands she felt like nothing was really helping. Then she started researching natural oils and their benefits, this started to help her so much and so decided to start making the for others. Everything is vegan and sustainable because it’s very important to her. Give her a follow – all the products have been safety tested and she’s worked hard to get started.
Remember to support small businesses – you are helping someone fulfil their dream x
Shirt/jacket (g) – @endelea_official
Lipstick ‘Kaisa’ from @thrivecausemetics
Foundation/blusher/bronzer @thrivecausemetics

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A tumble and a hangover


I haven’t been active on here much the past couple of days as there’s been so much going on. After I launched my T shirts on Saturday, I headed off for a hike to catch my breath as I was so excited. SO EXCITED I could hardly breathe – such a nice feeling but I needed to take some downtime to calm my brain.

On my way back down a steep, slippery muddy hill (you know where this story is going!) I heard Bird and Ginger bursting through the undergrowth downhill at full speed towards me. In the millisecond before impact I braced myself for a tumble down the hill. They struck me at maximum canine speed and I immediately crashed down the hill, bumping and bruising my way into a nice collection of thorny bramble bushes. Why they do this I will never know, they don’t run into trees !!….? I was completely winded and thought I may have broken my wrist or damaged my back. Once the birds stopped flying around my head Disney style, I hauled myself home to survey the damage to my clothes and body. All repairable I am happy to say.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Jean-Luc. He is such a bad influence (he would say the same about me!). We started with a gin and tonic, then onto what seemed like a jug of Aperol Spritz and then red wine. I needed a snooze, so curled up on his sofa, still wearing my apron from cooking lunch. Later we played golf…well we attempted to, it was very comical as I have zero golfing skills.

I have a very sore eye today, so I’ve tried to disguise it with a splash of pink and blue eyeshadow for this pic. I know it’s from a severe lack of sleep (snoring husband!). Does anyone have a good home remedy for sore eyes – or a snoring husband?

Blazer – past season: @massimodutti
Tee shirt: ‘Marble Lipstick Kiss’ from my online store

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Downsize your life


I remember spending many hours on the tube in London, on my way to endless meetings constantly wishing I was somewhere else. It was hot, sweaty and crowded. My idea of hell.

Now there is nowhere I would rather be than in my little cottage by the sea.
Money can buy you almost anything you want and need, but it cannot buy you happiness.
I like my meetings casual and leisurely now. Sat in the little harbour with a cup of coffee in the sunshine, comfortable, cool and calm….. utter bliss.
Minimalism and a downsized life, has delivered maximum joy.
Who else has started on their midlife downsize journey?

Blazer – past season: @massimodutti
Tee shirt: ‘Marble Lipstick Kiss’ from my online store
Skirt and handbag (10+ years old) @ralphlauren

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