Peneda Gerês National Park – Portugal

Breathe in the lush green scenery in Peneda Gerês

Made from granite and perched on the highest point in the village, the espigueiros do Soajo are used to store grain away from vermin and water.

Join us on our trip to explore Peneda Gerês National Park in northern Portugal – Spain. Then on to Soajo mountain village with amazing stone Espigueiros, hiking and wild swimming. We drove from Algarve in the south of Portugal to enjoy some cooler temperatures, hiking and swimming with our two Hungarian Vizsla in the North of Portugal. We visited Gerês, Peneda Gerês National Park, entered into Galicia Spain, and then a few days in Soajo.


Gin & Bird enjoyed swimming in the rivers and running through the lush green grass.

We only intended to use Soajo as a base, but we fell in love with the peace and tranquility of the granite mountain village. I’ve included a tour of our rental property, which I highly recommend.


Filmed in July 2021, I completely forgot to share this video on my blog. It brings back such happy memories and I can’t wait to visit again this year.

Definitely recommend!

Hip happy

An early morning hike along the coast path, taking a detour along the rocks for a skinny dip at high tide.
If you want to preserve your hip function, exercise is the key. I walk 3 – 8 hours per day depending on my workload. My legs are in great shape but I need to work on my upper body. I’m swimming every day in the cove to work off the wine weight I’m still trying to lose ?

I keep a check on my weight and have entered the danger zone on the scales which means more; exercise, fruit and veg and less wine and crappy food choices like bread. I don’t diet as such, I just stop saying yes to all the bad stuff and focus on fuelling my body instead.

It’s never too late to start taking care of you. ?

Anyone else still prepared to enjoy a cheeky skinny dip? ?‍♀️
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