Let me tell you about Bird

Let me tell you about Bird.

We rescued her in January 2020 from Vizsla Rescue UK. She was just over a year old and in need of a new home, due to a change in family circumstances – for her original owner.

She was a reluctant surrender, but it was the right and honourable thing to do, giving her to breed rescue who found her a loving and active home with me.

We renamed her Bird, because she pecked at her food, chirruped when she wanted something, and always perched herself on my feet (or shoved her butt in my face – not sure thats a Bird thing…but feel I should mention this).

She is always by my side, and a brilliant and constant companion for Ginger. They play non stop, taking it in turns to chase each other through the long grass and amongst the orange trees.

She was skinny, nervous and not too keen on cuddles when she arrived, but we found food that she likes, she’s become confident, brave and obedient and can’t get enough snuggles, belly rubs and ear scrumples.

She always wants to get in on the action (as per these attempted photos on Sunday) and plant a kiss or two on my face – which makes taking photos more challenging, but these are the photos and memories I treasure the most.

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Hot pink and Ginger

We had nowhere to go but that didn’t stop me putting on my favourite pink coat to hang out with Ginger in the early morning sunshine.
It felt good.
Do what makes you happy.
What makes you happy at home during lockdown?
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Staying sane

So happy I decided to ditch the dye last year and grow my hair so that I could have some beautiful viking inspired braids! I love my hair like never before.
If you are waiting for the salons to reopen and wondering whether you should embrace your sparkles, take it from me you will not regret it for 1 minute.

Ginger and Bird are helping me stay sane through this period of lockdown. We have previously always had a large garden, but when we returned to the UK last year we moved into our little cottage by the sea which only has a small terrace. Having 2 hunting dogs (who normally get about 5 hours off lead exercise per day) and no garden sent me into a complete panic and mini meltdown when the lockdown started, but between the 3 of us we are providing them with all the exercise they need. We set off early in the morning and take very steep trails around the area which means we rarely see anyone else.
The sun has been shining every day since this all started. It has made confinement a little easier being able to hang out washing, scrub paintwork (seagulls like to decorate it for us!) clean windows (this is a new concept for me) and sit outside to eat my breakfast and enjoy the first coffee of the day.

Financially this business pause will be rough for us, as for everyone else. I feel so sorry for the seasonal businesses who worked all through the winter preparing for spring opening. So sad to see the beach cafes closed when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

My lockdown meltdown lasted 24 hours, after which I accepted this is a challenge we can all get through. I am not a parent waving my husband and son off to war. Being shut in the house with my favourite people and two gorgeous ginger girls is the best confinement I could ask for.
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Stop! Everything is cancelled

So much change in the past 7 days. My husband and son were at the airport ready to fly to Austria last week for a snowboarding trip when they received the news that the resort was closing due to the virus. They had to head the 100 or so miles back home, disappointed that their long awaited boy’s trip was cancelled.

Earlier in the week my son had been contacted by the cruise company he works for asking him if he could return to work immediately. As he had several trips booked, he was unable to help. 2 days later, the company announced they were suspending all cruises for 60 days. This obviously leaves some doubt whether he will have a job to return to.

Yesterday Seb & Katie were informed their trip to Africa planned for this week had also been cancelled.
Katie finishes her job as an Occupational Therapist on Thursday. She saved money over the past year and planned to take a few months off. The plan was to visit Africa and then join Seb on his cruise ship for a month in New Zealand, then do volunteer work for a couple of months. Her job has been filled, so she has no job and no ability to travel.

Do you want to know what she did after all this crappy news? She hand wrote letters to her elderly neighbours letting them know she was able to help them if they couldn’t get out for food or medicines.
I didn’t really feel like posting today. My parents have decided to isolate themselves for 4 months, so no visitors or day trips for them. I have a house filled with disappointed people and a lot of uncertainty.
But, I shall continue to post and keep you updated with the situation where I live. It’s interesting to see how everyone is coping all over the world.

Stay healthy and be happy. We are still smiling!