Let me tell you about Bird

Let me tell you about Bird.

We rescued her in January 2020 from Vizsla Rescue UK. She was just over a year old and in need of a new home, due to a change in family circumstances – for her original owner.

She was a reluctant surrender, but it was the right and honourable thing to do, giving her to breed rescue who found her a loving and active home with me.

We renamed her Bird, because she pecked at her food, chirruped when she wanted something, and always perched herself on my feet (or shoved her butt in my face – not sure thats a Bird thing…but feel I should mention this).

She is always by my side, and a brilliant and constant companion for Ginger. They play non stop, taking it in turns to chase each other through the long grass and amongst the orange trees.

She was skinny, nervous and not too keen on cuddles when she arrived, but we found food that she likes, she’s become confident, brave and obedient and can’t get enough snuggles, belly rubs and ear scrumples.

She always wants to get in on the action (as per these attempted photos on Sunday) and plant a kiss or two on my face – which makes taking photos more challenging, but these are the photos and memories I treasure the most.

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