One way ticket to a galaxy far far away

Thoughts of a galaxy far far away….

When you have been in relationship with someone for a long time, you will be familiar with thoughts of, and the desire to, jettison them to a far away planet, on the fastest one way rocket-ship.

There have been a few times, that I would gladly have done everything in my power to make that happen.

Nobody is perfect (….except…? – I’m joking!) and neither could they ever be. What we want and need changes over time.

We’ve been together for 37 years.

That’s a long time.

This morning, I found Shaun dripping water into Bird’s mouth, because he’d seen me doing it last night, encouraging her to drink. He kissed her head, held her paw and talked gently to her. She gazed into his eyes, wondering what the hell happened yesterday and why her belly hurt so much.

It reminded me of when Seb was a baby in his incubator. Shaun would gently stroke Seb’s tiny hands and feet through the porthole on the side of the incubator for hours, talking to him and gazing lovingly upon his tiny form.

How Seb ever learnt to walk I will never know, as Shaun wanted to carry him everywhere. He was a hands-on dad, and loved every moment of raising our son. He probably would have liked a house full of children, he’s never said that, but of course it wasn’t meant to be.

So today I would happily cancel his one way ticket to galaxy far far away….. (or maybe I’ll just ask for a credit as tomorrow is another day).

iPhone 12 Pro portrait mode. He always looks tanned and great in photos. I like to think I’m pale and interesting ?


Loving my braids and the hashtag from the gorgeous today – #grombraid !!! Playing with the light on my silver hair and admiring my wonky brows today.
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Creativity in the kitchen

My favourite place to relax and be creative is my kitchen. My cottage kitchen is not the most luxurious or high tech kitchen in the world but it has everything I need to produce healthy and tasty plant based meals.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages following my last IGTV cookery post. I had fun making it and have learned a lot already about ways to shoot better and that I need to be more organised.
My son has tried to convince me for many years to open a restaurant. But, I only enjoy cooking for people I like. For me it’s a way to show love and gratitude to those who mean the most to me.
Sharing my recipes and joy of cooking via IGTV should be enough to get Seb started with some basic cooking skills. I tried to teach him a new recipe every week when he lived at home but he was more interested in eating.
Crispy tofu recipe coming soon. I just need to hunt some down first!
Thank you all for your unwavering support.
Much love x

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Stop! Everything is cancelled

So much change in the past 7 days. My husband and son were at the airport ready to fly to Austria last week for a snowboarding trip when they received the news that the resort was closing due to the virus. They had to head the 100 or so miles back home, disappointed that their long awaited boy’s trip was cancelled.

Earlier in the week my son had been contacted by the cruise company he works for asking him if he could return to work immediately. As he had several trips booked, he was unable to help. 2 days later, the company announced they were suspending all cruises for 60 days. This obviously leaves some doubt whether he will have a job to return to.

Yesterday Seb & Katie were informed their trip to Africa planned for this week had also been cancelled.
Katie finishes her job as an Occupational Therapist on Thursday. She saved money over the past year and planned to take a few months off. The plan was to visit Africa and then join Seb on his cruise ship for a month in New Zealand, then do volunteer work for a couple of months. Her job has been filled, so she has no job and no ability to travel.

Do you want to know what she did after all this crappy news? She hand wrote letters to her elderly neighbours letting them know she was able to help them if they couldn’t get out for food or medicines.
I didn’t really feel like posting today. My parents have decided to isolate themselves for 4 months, so no visitors or day trips for them. I have a house filled with disappointed people and a lot of uncertainty.
But, I shall continue to post and keep you updated with the situation where I live. It’s interesting to see how everyone is coping all over the world.

Stay healthy and be happy. We are still smiling!