Do you want to look younger?

I don’t want to appear younger than my years. It’s perfectly OK that I look my age.

I know the beauty industry tries to convince us that we need to look at least 10 years younger than our true biological age, but why? I’ve received messages telling me I look ten years younger, and also 10 or more years older, it really doesn’t matter how old I look, its how old I feel, and I feel the same as I did when I was 18. I eat a varied whole food plant based diet, exercise daily, limit my time on social media and I spend lots of time in nature. It takes effort to feel good, sadly there’s no magic pill. I feel full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. More on this another day, I write less on Instagram posts as the limit on the number of words is too challenging for me!

I took this shot on arriving home from the construction site. My hair was covered in dust and was happily doing it’s own thing. I wandered into the bathroom and picked up the scissors. You see, my hair is falling out. … It’s normal. I have an under active thyroid and it causes my hair to wave goodbye to my scalp by the handful. Sometimes more than others. It’s OK, it’s only hair. 10 minutes of snipping and I have a shorter style.

It doesn’t matter if I look 54, 64 or even more. I just hope I look healthy and happy, as that’s my only wish.

Have a beautiful day.

Gail x

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How to make your white hair pop

I’ve cheated a little bit with my silver hair today to make my whites pop. Check out the IGTV I just posted to see how I did this using Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo from @superdrug
I just found a stash of summer clothes hidden in a storage box! I’m so happy I found this dress again. A bargain from a local charity (thrift) store. £3 with the tag still attached. I do love a bargain.

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Top tip to make silver hair look thicker


Yesterday I posted about the thinning hair on my temples. I was inspired to share my tip by @isthistooyoungforme when she mentioned the use of coloured spray in her post, I wanted to share what I’ve been using to cover my whites. If I have this problem, I know others do too. It’s just a natural sign of ageing! I filmed a short IGTV this morning on how I boost my hair thickness and make my whites pop with a spritz of cruelty free dry shampoo from @superdrug. ?
Product from: @superdrug

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Release the Rottweiler

Today is a good day! My inner Rottweiler was released in pursuit of a large unpaid client invoice which is causing me sleepless nights. I’ve mentioned it in my stories and it’s been making me very anxious.

I find it amusing when C level executives try to intimidate me with their title. I am a business owner, CEO of my own business, so there’s little which ruffles my feathers or makes me feel the slightest bit inferior …… to anyone. We are a small business, offering our clients exceptional project delivery and customer service. But a service is invisible, unlike a delivery of 50 desks which you can clearly see sitting in your office. So, in difficult times like those we are in today, payments are delayed because there is no product we can retrieve and little we can do to recover a service already provided.

But having worked my way up from the bottom, in companies of all sizes from many nations, I know how companies work and what scares the pants off them.

Mr Big Cheese CEO is no longer wearing his pants today.

Everyone takes a poop. Nobody is better than me. We all entered the world in the same way and nobody is getting out alive. I find intimidation amusing. As long as my life isn’t in danger, I do enjoy a bit of calm but forceful confrontation to defend my interests.

I look sweet and kind, which of course I am to a point… But I hate people trying to take advantage of me. That’s when the Rottweiler appears.
I learned these skills with age. Another reason ageing rocks!

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Encourage quarantine silver sisters

Here’s my contribution to encourage quarantine silver sisters started by the lovely @gratefulandgray ?
My hair was dark violet, professionally stripped to almost white at the salon then left to find it’s natural sparkle.
I sometimes add temporary vegan hair colours mixed with conditioner for a soft pastel hue effect when I fancy a boost or feel like a change. ?
If you are undecided whether you should embrace your natural hair colour, the freedom from salon appointments and maintenance is so uplifting and liberating! I wish I’d never started colouring my hair. ?
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