Day 2 Jump Rope Journey

I’m on day 2 of my jump rope journey, to see if I can tone up and build core strength through skipping/jump rope. Skipping (as we call it in the UK) was my major pastime at home and in the playground/school yard. Nothing as posh as a proper jump rope, just a length of green rope left over from my father’s water-ski line.

It’s not going to be easy!

I was going to make this video really short, however, I don’t want to make this challenge look easier than it is, because it’s bloody tough! I see young women bouncing all over social media with their jump ropes, like they came out of the womb clutching the jump rope handles, but at 54, it’s pushing me outside of my comfort zone, not to mention trying my patience and giving my heart a much needed work out.

There’s hope with a Dope Rope

Below are the ropes I am using from Dope Ropes, click here to visit their store use discount code FIFTYSISTER on the Dope Ropes website. Today I tried the beaded rope (the one on the right), which was a completely different experience. Dope Ropes got in touch with me to suggest shortening the rope (I was thrilled they made the effort to contact me) however, I feel I still don’t have the correct length of rope, so I’m reluctant to make the cut. Maybe this is something I should have researched before I started this challenge…?!

Will it be a day, a week, or even a year?

I’m committed to this challenge for 30 days, then I will assess whether I want to continue for another 11 months. It will be interesting to see what I can achieve as a woman in my mid fifties, who hasn’t skipped since maybe the age of 12. I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m determined to tone up and increase my level of fitness, which has diminished slightly since moving to Portugal. I am already thinking about how I can keep going in the heat of summer – I may need to move indoors to stay cool. I will worry about that if I make it that far.

Nobody wants a soggy gusset.

I am OK in the pelvic floor strength department at the moment, but that can change at any time…all the fun of ageing! I will order some washable pads (like the ones below) which I will throw in the washing machine along with my exercise kit after each workout. These pads create less waste, save you money and catch any spillage, to save you jumping with a soggy gusset. I use a yoga mat for my jump rope workout to cushion my feet from the impact on the terracotta tiles.

Stay tuned in for my jump rope journey. If I can do it, anyone can.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a beautiful day.

Gail x


The eyes are everything!

It’s really important to get your eyes checked regularly as many other conditions can affect your eye sight, or can be spotted by the optician before any symptoms show.

My father has cataracts and macular degeneration and my mother has glaucoma so I’m in for a rough ride with my eyesight in older age!

Yesterday my optician explained how I can help keep my eyes in the best of health to keep my sight for longer. She suggested I always wear sunglasses to prevent cataracts, even on a dull day, so I have ordered lenses which automatically turn to shades in ultraviolet light.
She advised me to eat a diet rich in beta carotene, so I will be increasing my intake of carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens – such as kale and spinach, romaine lettuce, squash, cantaloupe, red and yellow peppers, apricots. When I say ‘increase’, I’m not sure how I could actually eat more of these veggies as my diet is packed full of them. Perhaps with the exception of Apricots, but I will make sure I stock up on those too.

My eyes are in perfect health at the moment, and I want to keep it that way. Since switching to a vegan diet 4 years ago, the whites of my eyes seem brighter and the colour of my eyes have changed. Apparently this is completely possible – something I was not aware of.
Rocking some blue eyeshadow under my eyes today. I was transported back in time to the 80’s when I looked in the mirror. Now all I need are some skintight blue satin trousers and a perm to complete the look.