My favorite eyeshadow palette from Kat von D

I use every colour in the palette depending on my mood.

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I love Kat von D products as they are vegan and cruelty free. I bought this Lolita palette in the sale after Christmas and I have used it every day since.

In the photo above I am wearing Hermosura on my lids. It goes perfectly with my fave Kat von D lip tattoo.

I use the paler colours for daywear and the darker colour for evening. Since letting my natural silver hair shine through, pinks and purples are everywhere in my cosmetic bag and wardrobe.

The eyeshadow isn’t cheap, but I have been using it almost everyday this year and it still looks like new. I think it will last a very long time!

I try always to buy cruelty free products (it isnt always possible, as where I live there is no Amazon delivery service and my options are limited). It’s another way of lifting stress of my shoulders as I feel that by supporting vegan and cruelty free brands, other brands will see their market share drop and perhaps decide to make the change to stop animal testing and the use of animal biproducts.