Cruise industry cast adrift

Trigger warning.
I’m beyond sad today reading about the crew members onboard cruise ships, who in 2020, during the pandemic cruise industry shutdown, chose to take their own life whilst alone in their cabin. This year has been desperately sad & tough for so many people, but the cruise industry has been cast adrift, with crew members left lonely & confused, not knowing when they could return home. Locked in a cabin without windows for 23 hours per day they have been treated no better than prisoners.

Here is the article:

Many signed a 4 month contract, only to find their contract extended many times, finding themselves still at sea 8 months later. We’ve heard from Seb, how hard it has been for his colleagues & friends around the world, enduring long isolated stays onboard.

Seb left the industry at the start of the pandemic, foreseeing many months staring out of the window whilst at anchor.

He’s managed to find contract work to keep him busy which has been an absolute blessing. He studied for 3 years at university, plus one year at sea on placement and further exams. It’s a long road to qualify as an officer. Many crew have had their career dreams at sea shattered. For Seb he’s happy to be shore based with day work based out of Plymouth.

I hope the industry can resume next year & open up the world for those onboard. It must be difficult looking out of the window for all the ships in our bay, knowing that they can no longer take trips ashore.

This is Seb, my son. I love him with all my heart and cannot comprehend how hard it has been for those at sea, unable to see family & friends, driven to make their final decision.

I wish everyone at sea safe passage, and hope that 2021 brings more joy & chance to socialise once more.

Cheers to the; captains, officers, nurses, doctors, cooks, cleaners, laundry workers, radio comms, environmental officers, engineers and hotel staff who remain at sea today, providing essential services to keep the ships safe & in tip top condition.

I know that many more have been affected by the leisure industry shutdown. I hope they are rewarded with a return to capacity for 2021 & beyond.

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