10 things I love about ageing

The message I receive the most is from women about to turn 50. They are scared, sad, depressed, stressed and confused as to what they should wear and how they should change their appearance. They are lost and don’t want to age.

In answer to those lovely ladies, here are 10 things I love about ageing.

I am not dead. Seems obvious, but lets celebrate every day our hearts beat and our lungs fill easily with air to keep our bodies saturated with the invisible wonder that is oxygen.
Laughter. The longer I live, the more laughter lines I gain to remember each shared giggle and smile.
Silver hair. Having spent 35 years hiding my sparkles, I am thrilled to set them free. Jeez, what was I thinking colouring this head of perfection?
High heels – goodbye! Gone are the days of burning feet and noisy heels. Embracing flats & sneakers, has made my old feet incredibly happy.
Underwired bras – Farewell! My boobs are no longer constrained in a metal cage which restricts my breathing. My boobs are happy in a stretchy lace bra and girl…they feel free! Wear your boobs as high or as low as you like, whatever makes them happy.
Just relax. I have learned that stressing does not make anything better. If you are still alive and nobody else died, you are good to go and ready for the day.
Feeling funky. Wear what the heck you like. Who cares what anyone else thinks..? Not me!
How much makeup? Wear makeup, don’t wear makeup. Do what makes you feel confident and happy. It’s your face!!! Do what you want with it.
Self care. Having always put others first, I now understand why it’s important to take time to look after your body and soul. Nobody cares about your body as much as you should.
Self love. I now truly love my stretch marks, cellulite, peach fuzz face, wobbly bits and (most of all) each and every one of my scars, which is a memory of when my body battled to defend and preserve my precious life.

To summarise: Ageing rocks. Dying sucks.
Living a kind, happy life, empowering and helping others each and every day will bring you joy.
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Feeling a little off colour

I don’t look like this today! I’ve spent the last 3 days enduring a bought of food poisoning. It started when I headed out for a walk on Sunday morning. I didn’t feel great when I put on my boots, but knew I had to take the dogs for a long walk.
Half an hour in, the stomach cramps started and I felt really faint. By the time I reached my normal stop at the cove, my head was throbbing and I was very dizzy. I realised there was little point calling anyone for help, as they were both asleep and by the time they found their way to me I could be home.
I crawled up the steep hill back, clinging on to trees and rocks…I must have looked like a complete weirdo all the way back to my cottage.
Once through the door I handed the dogs over, said ‘good morning’ and went straight to bed. And… I’ve been here ever since.
I’m 8lbs down so at least I’m happy to return to my pre Christmas weight – hurrah!
This reminded me of a story from about 14 years ago.
I was in a multiple car pile up on a busy motorway.
My husband called me to tell me there had been an accident. I told him I was stuck in the traffic so would be home in about 4 hours.
What he didn’t know was that I was waiting for my Land Rover to be put on a rescue vehicle as I had been shunted at speed from behind, into the vehicle in front. I had whiplash and the airbag had deployed, but apart from that I was all good.
I arrived home via rescue truck several hours later.
As the truck turned into the drive my husband ran out to prevent the truck entering our property, only to see me waving from the passenger seat. He then saw what remained of my vehicle and was completely stunned.
I calmly jumped down from the truck and told him I’d had a bit of a prang which may need some attention (new front and rear end!)
He was speechless.
It was only then he realised I had been in the accident.
There was no point worrying him or anyone else as I was fine.
He knows to always expect the unexpected from me. I’m great in a crisis and never suffer with self pity or make a fuss about anything.
I always just dust myself off and carry on.
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An extra slice of happy!


Today I am happy! Well I’m happy most days but today I am particularly happy. I woke up in the night and normally my dog jumps up and follows me around the house waiting to see if its time for a walk (I walk her any time of the day or night, it’s so peaceful at 3am!). She didn’t move… at all. She felt cold and I shook her. I grabbed my phone, jumped out of bed (she sleeps next to my bed) and switched on the torch setting. I shook her again and my heart sank. My heart was beating out of my chest and I had a sudden rush of adrenaline. I couldn’t figure out if I was awake or sleeping.
Then (a good few seconds later) she looked at me and let out a sigh as if to say ‘turn the light off I’m trying to sleep!’. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to feel her chest rise and to hear her breathe. I suspect that she was cold because she was sleeping right next to the fan, and not moving as she’d spent 5 hours chasing lizards last evening. I love my dog so much, probably too much.
A few years ago she started acting weird around me and would keep sniffing the left side of my belly. She kept sniffing and nudging me constantly. I suddenly realised she was trying to tell me something. I lay down and felt my tummy. I could feel a huge mass on the left side and knew something was very wrong. Fast forward to the end of the story and I am in good health and grateful for Red Dog’s magical powers. She is always by my side and I adore her with all my heart.
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