Quarantine Queen

Happy Mother’s Day! This photo is for my mother. She wont be seeing any of us (brother and sister) today. She’s 130 miles away from me in self imposed isolation. It’s also for all the mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and friends spending today away from their loved ones. I decided to put on my favourite pink dress + lippy and best smile to post a #quarantinequeen selfie. Big kiss for Seb who is also many miles away from me today. Gotta keep smiling!

Stop! Everything is cancelled

So much change in the past 7 days. My husband and son were at the airport ready to fly to Austria last week for a snowboarding trip when they received the news that the resort was closing due to the virus. They had to head the 100 or so miles back home, disappointed that their long awaited boy’s trip was cancelled.

Earlier in the week my son had been contacted by the cruise company he works for asking him if he could return to work immediately. As he had several trips booked, he was unable to help. 2 days later, the company announced they were suspending all cruises for 60 days. This obviously leaves some doubt whether he will have a job to return to.

Yesterday Seb & Katie were informed their trip to Africa planned for this week had also been cancelled.
Katie finishes her job as an Occupational Therapist on Thursday. She saved money over the past year and planned to take a few months off. The plan was to visit Africa and then join Seb on his cruise ship for a month in New Zealand, then do volunteer work for a couple of months. Her job has been filled, so she has no job and no ability to travel.

Do you want to know what she did after all this crappy news? She hand wrote letters to her elderly neighbours letting them know she was able to help them if they couldn’t get out for food or medicines.
I didn’t really feel like posting today. My parents have decided to isolate themselves for 4 months, so no visitors or day trips for them. I have a house filled with disappointed people and a lot of uncertainty.
But, I shall continue to post and keep you updated with the situation where I live. It’s interesting to see how everyone is coping all over the world.

Stay healthy and be happy. We are still smiling!



The eyes are everything!

It’s really important to get your eyes checked regularly as many other conditions can affect your eye sight, or can be spotted by the optician before any symptoms show.

My father has cataracts and macular degeneration and my mother has glaucoma so I’m in for a rough ride with my eyesight in older age!

Yesterday my optician explained how I can help keep my eyes in the best of health to keep my sight for longer. She suggested I always wear sunglasses to prevent cataracts, even on a dull day, so I have ordered lenses which automatically turn to shades in ultraviolet light.
She advised me to eat a diet rich in beta carotene, so I will be increasing my intake of carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens – such as kale and spinach, romaine lettuce, squash, cantaloupe, red and yellow peppers, apricots. When I say ‘increase’, I’m not sure how I could actually eat more of these veggies as my diet is packed full of them. Perhaps with the exception of Apricots, but I will make sure I stock up on those too.

My eyes are in perfect health at the moment, and I want to keep it that way. Since switching to a vegan diet 4 years ago, the whites of my eyes seem brighter and the colour of my eyes have changed. Apparently this is completely possible – something I was not aware of.
Rocking some blue eyeshadow under my eyes today. I was transported back in time to the 80’s when I looked in the mirror. Now all I need are some skintight blue satin trousers and a perm to complete the look.

Just forget about it.

I haven’t been active for a few days as my Insta experience became a bit jaded by some of the messages I received. One such vile XXX rated and abusive message was exceptionally aggressive, the sender quite detailed in his description about what he thought of me and what he wanted to do to me.

Luckily I am not someone who takes anything to heart and can swiftly move on and forget about it. But it got me thinking about all the other women who receive such messages, who are not as mentally strong as me. So, if you receive a message like this, you MUST report the individual message, then block the sender, delete the message and move on. It means nothing! There will always be weirdos hiding behind their keyboard.
On a lighter note, a guy messaged me asking for some nudes. I often read out some of the messages I receive to my husband and son to make light of the content. My son decided to take matters into his own hands, grabbed my phone and sent some nude photos of his own in response to the request (don’t panic he is 25!). I declared this was the last we would hear from him. …….wrong! He asked for more!

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