Top 10 benefits of jump rope skipping

TOP 10 benefits of Jump Rope Skipping!

I’m discovering that there are many benefits of jump rope skipping from mental health and losing weight to reducing the chances of illness and injury. You can find out more about my JUMP 30 challenge by clicking here. Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner too and most importantly improves cardiovascular health. I’ve outlined the top 10 benefits of skipping rope below.

Jump rope or skipping?

In the USA they call it jump rope, in the UK we call it skipping. I’ve combined the wording to jump rope skipping so that everyone can find my page via Google. Let’s go with my top 10 benefits of jump rope skipping!

1. Increases concentration and gives your internal number counter a work out

Counting steps whilst coordinating all of your body parts is quite a work out for your brain. Skipping rope can calm your mind as you are distracted from everything else. Intense concentration, full body moving and bouncing in general will create a clear space for your mind. It’s made me very happy and I hope I can continue for the rest of my life.

2. Jump rope skipping will get your heart pumping to improve heart health

Jump rope skipping is the best cardio exercise as it rapidly increases your heart rate. I struggled the first three days, but quickly gained stamina with my rest periods becoming shorter as my recovery time got quicker. Jumping can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke, especially coupled with a wholefood plant based diet.

3. Jump rope skipping improves eye, hand, foot coordination

The first few days I was totally uncoordinated and felt like giving up, but within four days I improved significantly. Jump rope skipping improves your coordination as there’s a lot to think about such as footwork, counting, arm rotations, all at the same time!

4. Increases stamina, improves energy levels and decreases fatigue

The more you sit around on the couch, the less you want to do anything. Equally, the more you jump rope, the more active you will become. Someone once told me that the biggest killer is the couch, I’ll add to that the TV. Switch off the TV and reduce couch time and replace it with jump rope skipping. The more regularly you exercise the more your stamina will increase. Consistent jump rope skipping practice will make you want to bounce daily and can completely banish fatigue.

5: Increases joint flexibility and muscle tone

I have strong legs from hiking, but my arms and shoulders were lacking in any kind of workout and it showed. I didn’t like the marshmallow texture of my upper arms, but I didn’t fancy going to the gym or lifting weights. Jump rope skipping works out shoulders and arms and I’m excited about the possibility of having lovely toned shoulders. Jumping makes your mind focused, gives your body good posture, makes you calm and flexible.

6. Improve heart health, lung capacity and pulmonary function

It’s important to give your heart a good workout, but don’t go crazy to begin with, take it slowly with lots of breaks between sets of one hundred. Skipping rope improves blood circulation and breathing, and over time can improve your lung capacity.

7. Boosts mental health 

The past two years have been tough on everyone. Skipping has given me a new challenge to focus on and has significantly reduced my anxiety. Exercise can increase blood circulation to your body and brain and I cannot recommend it enough for anyone suffering with mental health.

8. Jump rope skipping tones up your wobbly bits!

Skipping reduces belly fat and this is well documented on YouTube. I was blown away with all of the body transformations. You will see lots of Jump rope body transformation videos from all over the world, men and women of all shapes and sizes seeing an improvement in belly tone. I am excited about this!  I am hoping to tone up my jelly belly a little. My goal isn’t to lose weight as I’ve been working on my ideal weight for the past few months, I just want to build muscle and carry less fat. HIIT – High-intensity interval training exercise can help reduce belly fat without having to go on extreme diets and will of course, strengthen your abdominal muscles.

How many calories burn in jump rope / skipping? Skipping rope is a full body exercise and can burn approximately 10 – 20 calories per minute. It will strengthen your legs, tone your butt, belly, shoulders and arms. On average, you can burn 200 calories in 10 minutes sessions each day. It is more Strenuous than hiking. When I lived in Devon, I hiked up t0 34,000 steps per day, on average around 22,000. Jump rope has quickly improved my stamina and takes a lot less time than walking 10,000 steps.

9. Jump rope skipping strengthens your bones

From all of the research that I’ve done, I know that skipping rope will give strength to your bones and increase bone density, therefore reducing the chances of osteoporosis. I always bounce and land on both feet to avoid strain on my knees or hips joints.

10. Improves Your Balance

A skipping rope workout session takes a great deal of balance and coordination. Jumping daily with your rope will help you improving balance and coordination. As we age this is so important to prevent mis-placed feet which leads to tumbles, falls and broken bones, and we don’t want that.

Bonus jump rope skipping benefits!

11. Improves posture

Keep your head up and look to the horizon when you jump, your whole body should be aligned. Keep your back straight, knees slightly bent, don’t bounce on your heels (they should be off the floor), arms symmetrical both sides. To begin with you may jump too high until your brain learns the ideal bounce height. Once you get into the rhythm, you will only jump a small distance whilst the rope whips under your feet.

12. Makes your body tingle and gives an all over glow.

I feel amazing after a jump rope session with a lovely post-workout glow. I’m excited every day to start skipping. My whole body has been jiggled around and it likes it!

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