No.1 Kitchen gadget

Vitamix 750 Professional blender

For my 50th birthday I recieved £500 from my parents to buy something I really wanted.WIthout hesitation I bought the Vitamix 750 Professional blender, it really is the best kitchen gadget I have ever owned.

Vitamix Professional, worth the extra cost

If you want to start eating healthy, homemade food, this blender really is worth every penny of its considerable cost.

I use it to make nut milk and butter, smoothies, pesto, hummus, tahini, confectioners sugar, chickpea flour…the list goes on. It’s super fast and can also cook soup if you leave the ingredients in for just a couple of minutes.

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This is a professional kitchen gadget which I use every day. In the morning I make smoothies, or use it to blend oats to make them smaller for porridge. Lunch time I use to make beautiful smooth soups. Dinner time, maybe hummus, baba ganuj, tahini, walnut pasta sauce, the uses are endless. I wouldn’t bother buying a cheaper version, this product is guaranteed for 7 years. It’s sturdy, well made and very efficient.