30 day jump rope challenge

Welcome to my 30 day jump rope challenge.

Welcome EVERYBODY to my FiftySister JUMP 30, 30 day jump rope challenge! I am completely blown away by the number of 40+ women dusting off their jump ropes/skipping ropes and taking on this 30 day challenge. Here you will find all the information conveniently in one place for my jump rope daily cardio exercise, to improve stamina and fitness. Please take it slowly to build stamina without strain or injury.

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 benefits of jump rope skipping, click here to view.

Washable pads for your undies.

For many women, this is the most common reason for not picking up a jump rope.  If you suffer from a weak pelvic floor and you are worried about a little bit of leakage (totally normal!) I recommend using washable pads in your undies. After jumping, you can just throw all of your sportswear and washable pad in the washing machine for a quick rinse. I found the most popular ones on Amazon below.

These pads create less waste, save you money and catch any spillage, to save you jumping with damp undies. I also recommend that you use a yoga mat for your jump rope workout to cushion your feet on landing.

The challenge is to build my strength and stamina from zero to 1000 jumps per day!

The FiftySister jump rope programme.

They say if you want to create a new habit, do it for 30 days, so that it becomes part of your daily routine. I devised the table below to ease myself into jumping slowly. It’s tempting to increase the number of jumps rapidly every day, but I want to avoid injury or rest days, so that I can create the daily habit of jump roping. I’m starting off with 200 jumps per day (it’s harder than it sounds) all the way to 1000 jumps on day 30.

Jump 30 progress
This is how my 30 day challenge is going so far ....

Why am I doing this 30 day jump rope challenge?

  • I need to improve cardio (the type of workout where your heart rate and breathing increase)
  • Build my stamina to 30 minutes of constant aerobic exercise
  • To improve all over body fitness
  • To become leaner and more agile
  • To build core strength


The challenge is to build my strength and stamina from zero to 1000 jumps per day!

I am mostly using the beaded rope above from Dope Ropes – click here or the image above to go to their website. You can use my discount code FIFTYSISTER at the checkout. Below are the best selling ropes on Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate so I earn a very small commission from Amazon when you click on the link but it doesn’t cost you any more money. The affiliate links help me pay for this website.

Happy feet

I am starting with basic equipment, nothing fancy or expensive. The most expensive item is my footwear. I always buy these Sketchers as they are vegan and hard wearing. I live in these sneakers and after 2 years they are still as good as new (I do have 4 pairs! – red, yellow, blue, white and I know they now have pink ones too!)

Top tips

  • Jump on an empty stomach.
  • Take a pee before you start.
  • Avoid hottest time of day.
  • Wear a panty liner to avoid leaks.
  • Start off slow to prevent injury.
  • Adjust your rope to a height that suits you. Somewhere between armpit and waist height.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Land on both feet to avoid strain on your knees.
  • Wear comfy clothing.
  • Wear a sports bra or 2.
  • Wear good cushioned sneakers.
  • Use a yoga mat.
  • Make it part of your daily routine.
  • Stick to the number of jumps in the programme, or set yourself a lower target.
  • Start eating wholefoods and avoid additives.
  • Look after your body like nobody else can.

What I eat (everyone always asks)

I am vegan and eat lots of nuts, seeds, pulses, fruit & veg. A typical day is;

  • Breakfast: Oat porridge made with soy milk, toasted seeds and a handful of nuts, 1 double espresso, 1 litre of jasmin tea which I drink throughout the morning.
  • Lunch: Tofu Thai green curry with steamed rice + fruit
  • Dinner: 1 litre of fruit juice
  • Snacks: Fruit, nuts, seeds and occaisionaly some dark chocolate.

Thanks for stopping by! This page is work in progress, so check back soon for updates or click here to sign up for my Jump 30 newsletter. I am working on more discount codes and offers from companies to add to my blog.

Have a beautiful day.

Gail x