Fasting for health and weight adjustment

A simple guide to Intermittent Fasting, written by me.

I started my fasting journey last October 2021. My husband snapped a photo of me and I didn’t really like what I saw.  I weighed 11st 5lbs, which is 14lbs over my normal healthy weight.

I’d almost stopped hiking since moving back to Portugal. Of course, you can hike in Portugal, but it’s too hot for my dogs during daylight hours to be running up and down mountains.

I researched intermittent fasting and put what I learned straight into practise. I lost 17lbs very quickly (and easily) and then a few more – 26 lbs in total.

I’m asked on a daily basis how fasting helped me lose my extra weight, so I decided to write a guide to help everyone else shed those extra pounds too.

You can download my e-guide on Amazon to read on any device. Click here or the image of my book cover above to view on the Amazon store in your region. I will be writing lots of e-guides over the coming months to answer all the many questions I receive regarding; going vegan, minimalism, designing your own home, ageing happily and lots more. I am keeping the price low so that more people are able to read my words and benefit from my experience. I love writing, so thank you for supporting my dream of becoming a full-time writer and author.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day!

Gail x