Airfryer I use from Bodum Melior

The Bodum MELIOR Airfryer is stylish and very affordable.

I live in a rented cottage in the middle of an orange grove in southern Portugal. Rental properties are hard to come by, and don’t always come well equipped. Our house has 4 hotplates, a sink and a fridge freezer -thats it!

I managed for a few months without an oven but soon became bored with stove top meals. I’d heard lots of people mention airfryers, but didn’t really understand what they were. I did a little research, and when I discovered that actually an airfryer is just a very small fan oven, I couldn’t it the ‘buy it now’ button quick enough!

The Bodum Melior airfryer is very stylish, looked easy to clean (which it is), from a well recognised brand which I was famililar with. I soon discoveredhow easy it is to use, and found it was the perfect size cooking for 2 people. It’s a genious idea and I now can’t magibe life without it.

Love crunchy and fried snacks, but wish there was a healthier way to enjoy your favorite dishes? MELIOR Air Fryer offers the perfect solution. Using fast hot air circulation and a grill on top, you can enjoy delicious fried foods that are crispy on the outside and tender and succulent on the inside – without any of the grease, dirt and odor from deep frying. This versatile appliance isn’t just about frying either. It is effectively a mini oven, so you can roast a juicy piece of meat, grill some succulent vegetables, or even bake a delicious cake.

Equipped with 8 pre-set cooking options, a digital control panel and timer alert, this healthy fryer serves up appetizing-tasting food that you can enjoy (almost!) guilt-free. Once you’ve eaten your fill, cleaning is also simple – just remove the basket and give it a soapy wash, and wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. As an added bonus, this beautiful air fryer looks great on any kitchen countertop.

Features of the Bodum Melior airfryer

  • The Melior Air Fryer cooks your food by using rapid air circulation and a top grill for low-fat frying and fast results.
  • Features an Adjustable timer and temperature settings up to 400°F, or 8 preset options for different food and methods of cooking.
  • Uses a digital control panel for easy use and timer alarms to alert you when the ingredients need shaking or the program is complete.
  • Detachable drawer and basket allow for easy access and cleaning.
  • The Detachable basket is Dishwasher-Safe.