T Shirt Designs

T Shirt Designs

Here you will find all my T shirt designs conveniently in one place. Click on the design you like to find all of the products available in that design. I’m adding new products all the time. I’m very excited about the new jump rope shorts below, which are also great for cycling. But I can’t decide which colour to choose.

Bright, bold and beautiful

I love bright, colourful, happy clothing which reminds me of my childhood in the 70’s. Lots of memories of bold flower designs, rainbows and funky florals. When you click on the design you like, you will go to the FiftySister print on demand store in your region. It will show you all the products and colours available in your country.

Lovesick Kiss
Flower Power Pout
Mother Pucker
Kiss the Ocean
Kiss the Ocean
Cloudy Camo kiss design from FiftySister
Cloudy Camo Kiss
Silver Dream Queen
Union Jack Kiss Design from FiftySister
Union Jack Kiss
Kiss imprint with starts and stripes of US flag
Stars 'n' Stripes Kiss
Lyrics to ABCDEF you
ABCDEF you and your friends
Flower Power Burst
70's inspired Multi bold flower design in yellow.
Flower Power Burst
Cruelty Free Bunny
Cute but Psycho
Rainbow Passion
Silver Sisters Never Dye
Silver Sisters Never Dye
Wrinkles are your Twinkles
Openly Gray
Take me to your feeder text T shirt Design
Take me to your feeder
Jump Jump Jump Dest with rainbow colours
Jump Jump Jump

3 new VEGANG designs

Vegan T's

I’ve been looking for a cool vegan T shirt for a very long time. I’d given up looking for something fun and colourful. And then…… this popped into my head when I was just about to go to bed. I am sure there will be more vegan designs in the future. I’m thinking something with a cow.  Stayed tuned!

Use discount code MARCH22 at the checkout for all my designs this month.

Hashtag Vegan

How it all started

I started creating my own T shirt designs when I couldn’t find anything I liked in the colour of shirt that I wanted. I learned how to create my designs and build an online store. It’s a dream come true and seeing women all over the world wearing my designs gives me an unbelievable buzz.

It’s never too late to start something new. I had a yearning to do something more creative, after spending 30+ years in the corporate world. I am always making something! Print on demand is the best option for me, as it cuts down on product transport costs and means I can offer all my designs in lots of styles and colours. If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop me a line and let me see if I can create something special for you.

Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful day!

Gail x