Janet Townsend asked 8 months ago

How do you deal with trolls? Do they ever get you down?

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gailmc Staff answered 8 months ago

Most of the time I just ignore them, but some are very amusing. I find it intriguing how much time trolls spend online looking for victims. I am one of three children, the middle child, so I’ve been called everything and nothing upsets me at all. I don’t take any cr*p from anyone, but I don’t lose any sleep over insults or criticism. The trolls never get me down. I get some x rated messages on Instagram, but those usually go into my ‘name and shame’ highlight for future amusement. Never let the trolls get you down! FiftySister xxx

Flipflopwanderer answered 8 months ago

I HATE TROLLS. It’s the main reason I don’t post on social media. I love following fiftysister but I am afraid to post anything myself as I can’t take criticism. I do enjoy seeing your responses though Gail! 

Binkypie answered 8 months ago

I get more upset by trolls who attack people I like. I hate social media sometimes for that reason. Thats why I like closed forums like this. Because the trolls get blocked. 

Beverley1969 answered 8 months ago

There will always be trolls. It’s easy to be anyone you want behind a keyboard.