How do you have so much energy?

QuestionsCategory: LifestyleHow do you have so much energy?
oreomonkey asked 2 years ago

I am really struggling to get up each day. I just don’t see the point. I have no purpose and can’t see any reason to get out of bed. I hate my job and live on my own. Can you suggest anything to help? I am desperate. I am overweight as I eat all the time because I am bored and depressed.

pymnsally replied 2 years ago

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pymnsally replied 2 years ago

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Binkypie replied 2 years ago

I agree that eating plants is a game changer. I was 40lbs overweight with zero energy. I put down the pizza and started taking care of my health. I stopped focusing on my weight and concentrated on fuelling my body. I feel like a new person, a better version of the unhealthy one who didn’t give any time to caring for my body. I still eat junk food now and then, I don’t deny myself anything. But I owe it to my body to put good fuel in. Good luck to you. x

gailmc Staff replied 2 years ago

I’m very sorry to hear that. It’s difficult in midlife with our change in (or lack of) demands. I know when my son left home, I felt very lost, lacking purpose. ‘Why have a big house without anyone in it?’ ‘Why bother cooking when I’m happy with a bowl of cereal?’ I needed to find a purpose. It’s one of the reasons I started my Instagram page. It challenged me to create a post most days.
I think we eat sometimes becuase we are bored. So finding something to do is very important. Maybe try walking? Challenge yourself each day to walk a little further? I was lacking in energy a few years ago, so I researched things like; ‘Ways to feel amazing in midlife’ ‘What to eat to have more energy’ and ‘How to feel amazing in later life’. All roads lead to vegnism, which I didn’t believe was true. ‘Feel better and full of life within 2 weeks’ and comments like that made me curious though. So I gave it a go. Within 1 week I was a convert.
So my suggestion is to change your diet to plants only. Start walking. Challenge yourself to learn to prepare and cook plant based food. Start a blog or Instagram page for new life. It’s worth a go and completely free.
Much love xxx

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Flipflopwanderer answered 2 years ago

I use to feel the same. I just wanted to eat all the time. I realised that food was my only pleasure in life. I was single and bored. I joined the dating site Bumble which is great because men can’t approach you. You have to contact them first. I started chatting to the men I liked the look of. Then that gave me a reason to start taking care of myself. I haven’t been on dates yet due to COVID but I have got some planned for next month. Wish me luck! Good luck with your journey too. 

Coffeeandchaos replied 2 years ago

I can’t imagine dating at my age. I hate my body. How would a man find me attractive? I will rescue more cats.

Emily answered 2 years ago

Can I answer?

gailmc Staff replied 2 years ago

Anyone can provide an aswer and contribute. Please do! x

Beverley1969 answered 2 years ago

I want more energy. 

Coffeeandchaos replied 2 years ago

Me too!

Coffeeandchaos answered 2 years ago

At 50 I hit a brick wall. I just want to stay in bed all day and eat icecream.