Do you ever feel invisible

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Sarah McGowan asked 2 years ago

Since I’ve reached my 40s, I feel invisible. At work, at home and in general. Do you have any advice for me? You seem like you have it all, and definitely not invisible. 

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gailmc Staff answered 2 years ago

I think it’s down to attitude. Some days I want to be invisible – no makeup, and I don’t want to engage with anyone and I’m completley happy to be invisible, but those days are rare. People treat me differently based on the way I look and the way I engage. If I’m all made up and wearing something colourful, I feel different and act differently. I prefer to be dressed in some happy colours with some pink lippy. It makes everything seem better and people I meet feel my energy and interact in a more pleasing and positive way. Great question!

Flipflopwanderer answered 2 years ago

I wish I was invisible sometimes! That would be my superpower.

Binkypie answered 2 years ago

No! People hear me before they see me. Hahahaha. 

Beverley1969 answered 2 years ago

 I wear plain clothes, which I’ve only realised since following women on Instagram. I don’t wear much jewellery and I have dark hair. I feel invisible too. I think I need to overhaul my style and wardrobe.